Skincare..the basics!

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions about Skincare so I've decided to repost/edit an older post. If you want to see about specific Skincare types or products please let me know! I will do my best to answer them but I will say that only so much advice can be given via Internet, if you are having serious issue please see an esthetician! With out further a due enjoy...... again ;-)

After lots of debating about what my first post would be I decided to go with skin care. It was only right since skincare is, well at least should be, the first step in a good makeup routine. We won’t get too in-depth at the moment but for starters a good makeup routine consists of a makeup remover (if you have any makeup on), a facial cleanser (YES there is a difference between the two), a toner (also called a tonic or mist) and a moisturizer. I can not, and I mean CAN NOT, stress enough on how important a facial moisturizer is. I know, I know, your skin is oily right? That does not mean you don’t need to moisturize. Look for a moisturizer with the key words “oil-free”, “oil control”, and mattifying”. When your skin doesn’t get the adequate amount of moisture that it needs your oil glands over compensate for the lack of moisture therefor making your skin even oilier!  If you have sensitive skin look for product lines geared towards redness, irritation and sensitivity.


As I look back two of the major things that I missed was water and food consumption! What you put in your body is what you are going to get out of it! You must drink lots of water and eat tons of fruits and vegetables!


Again let me know if you want details on anything mentioned above or any other post you would like to see!


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